Bathroom Design and Inspiration

Did you know that bathrooms as we know them today, and the vanities that represent their centerpieces, really didn’t exist a little over a hundred years ago?

The first bathroom vanities were little more than washstands with a pitcher of water and bowl to wash your face and hands in the morning. In fact, separate bathrooms didn’t even exist until the Victorian age.

Of course, with the advent of indoor plumbing, the bathroom evolved by leaps and bounds. While bathroom technology has changed drastically over the past century, bathroom washstands remain a durable fixture with plenty of possibilities.

Let’s take a look at nine bathroom vanity styles sure to inspire your next bathroom remodel.

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What are the Different Bathroom Styles?

1. Traditional Vanities

Traditional bathroom vanity base units bring convenience, comfort, and sophistication to any bathroom setting.

Exuding the luxury of old-world European comfort, they are considered to be “furniture-style” vanities. In other words, they come with elegant hardware, ornate designs, and intricate molding.

Although you’ll find them in a variety of colors, most traditional vanities come in neutral or wood colors. They sometimes include a mirror as a focal point and often incorporate intricate metal or gilded wood features. 

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60 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with Choice of Top

60 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with Choice of Top

2. Modern Vanities

From a style perspective, modern bathroom vanities are the polar opposites of traditional vanities. Instead of gilded accents, metal hardware, and carved woods, modern designs celebrate minimalism.

Characteristics associated with the modern style include bold colors, unadorned decor, and simple lines. You also have many choices when it comes to tall bathroom vanities. 

Modern vanities are often constructed from different materials than traditional vanities. They come in plastic, molded plywood, teak, leather, and polished metals.

With the modern vanity category, you’ll also find Mid-Century Modern vanities. You’ll recognize them by their geometric shapes, blocky hardware (without embellishments) and thin or tapered legs. 

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30 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in Pure White

30 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in Pure White

3. Transitional Vanities

This year, transitional vanities rose to prominence, and this trend shows no signs of slowing. But what are transitional vanities, and are they right for your home?

A transitional vanity represents the middle ground between a traditional vanity and a modern vanity. The elaborate carvings, hardware, and flourishes of traditional vanities are more subdued when it comes to transitional pieces. 

Yet, they avoid being so subdued that they become boring. This is where the modern style lends transitional vanities excitement through bold color contrasts, modern proportions, and brushed metal hardware. 

Transitional Style Vanities: Thoughts and Considerations

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60 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity in Navy Blue with Choice of No Top

60 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity in Navy Blue with Choice of No Top

4. Rustic Vanities

Unlike traditional, modern, and transitional vanities, rustic bathroom vanities channel the freewheeling spirit of the frontier. To achieve a woodsy, primitive look, they rely on gorgeous wood, such as that from up-cycled old barns, in their construction.

These pieces look amazing in a log cabin-style home or one with outdoorsy decor. While they often contain elements similar to traditional vanities, they prove far more primitive in their overall construction and design.

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60 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in Driftwood Finish

60 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in Driftwood Finish

5. Farmhouse Vanities

You’ll find a certain amount of overlap between rustic and farmhouse vanities. But while rustic vanities place a major emphasis on the look of the wood, farmhouse vanities are often painted a pale color and exude a Shaker-like ambiance. 

Part of their country feel comes from their sturdy, durable hardware, and they should look simple, old-fashioned, and functional all at once. 

What’s Your Style: Farmhouse Bathroom Elements

48 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in White with Barn Door Style Doors

48 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in White with Barn Door Style Doors

6. Industrial Vanities

Much as their name suggests, industrial vanities incorporate materials from the industrial world. These include concrete, galvanized pipes, reclaimed wood, metal, and more.

The result? An effortlessly contemporary look with plenty of appeal.

Concrete proves one of the most popular industrial materials out there. That means purchasing a custom concrete sink doesn’t have to break your bank.

What’s more, it’s a durable material that can be combined with a variety of other materials including wood and metal. The industrial look is also exemplified by open metal towel hangers and shelving.

What’s Your Style? Industrial Bathroom Elements

24 Inch Hand Hammered Copper Wall Mount Single Vanity

24 Inch Hand Hammered Copper Wall Mount Single Vanity

7. Coastal Vanities

Coastal vanities come in a variety of styles. They are sometimes grouped with farmhouse vanities but have a unique look that’s well-suited to small houses and beach homes.

Nothing says "salt life" quite like a shutter beach style vanity in white. But for a more traditional look, the shutter style also works beautifully in shades of brown, wood color, and gray.

Besides shutters and colors, coastal vanities boast clean, simple lines and understated hardware. 

What’s Your Style? Beach Elements


36 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in White Finish

36 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in White

8. Glam Vanities

For Old Hollywood charm, look no further than glam bath vanities. They’re all about mirrors and lights, which will turn your makeup application routine into a veritable spectacle with you in the spotlight.

Many of these vanities are plated with mirrors from their countertops down to the floor. That said, some exude a more traditional vibe with wood construction painted in pale pastels. 

But all provide plenty of lighting for applying makeup and handling other parts of your beauty routine.

48 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in Mango Wood

48 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in Mango Wood

9. French Country Vanities

French country vanities evoke another era. One of farm-fresh goods and long evenings spent drinking wine and feasting. Similar to farmhouse vanities in some aspects, they prove a bit more elegant and refined.

The style is dominated by sophisticated yet organic textures from traditional fabric accents and wood to pastel colors and small flower patterns. 

26 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in Driftwood Patina

Which Style Is Right for You?

As you can see from the list of nine styles above, you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to fancy bathroom vanities. 

Still not sure which type of vanity’s right for you? Contact us today to discuss your bathroom remodel and how we can help you find the vanity of your dreams. 

Whether you opt for a vanity that’s traditional or modern, French country style or glam, we can help you create the perfect mood in your bathroom.

Transitional vanity styles are also enjoying a moment right now as are Mid-Century Modern pieces. Of course, if you live in the mountains, near a beach, or in a rural area, you’ve also got corresponding options — rustic, coastal, and farmhouse style.

We can help you wade through all of these options to find the perfect unit for your bathroom. 

6 Most Common Bathroom Vanity Styles

The Right Bathroom Vanity Styles for Your Home

No matter what your style, one thing’s for sure. Few elements of your bathroom have a bigger impact on its overall look than bathroom vanity styles. So, don’t settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary.

Ready to start shopping for the perfect piece for your home? Browse our wide selection of stylish, functional, unique pieces now.

Here are a few more styles you may consider:








How to Incorporate Colors in Your Bathroom Decor?

If you’re tackling a bathroom renovation project, here’s some tips on how to creatively add a splash of color.

Tip 1: Paint the Walls! A No Brainer!

One of the easiest ways to add some color to your bathroom is simply by painting the walls. When choosing a paint color, try to stick to a lighter and brighter color, especially in smaller bathrooms. A dark color can be dramatic, but remember that this is the room in which you prepare for the day, so a lighter, brighter color may be the way to go. It sounds silly, but I often recommend painting a bathroom in a shade that you look good wearing! There’s nothing better than creating a beautiful space that YOU look really good in. I love a yellow and grey combo, or a watery blue and tan. Both combos are popular bathroom colors this season.

The type of paint you choose for the bathroom is also very important. The bathroom is a highly moisture-intensive, generally small, area. Therefore, the paint you choose needs to be moisture resistant. Many paint manufacturers have bathroom specific paint. Try to go with a glossy finish for an even brighter look. Just remember that the glossier the wall finish, the more apparent imperfections in a wall become.

Tip 2: Creatively Tiled Walls

If you’re looking for something with a bit more impact than simply painting, consider accenting one entire wall with tile. Most often we see tile as accents and backsplashes, but an entire accent wall can create a lot of drama and interest. Again, when choosing tile colors, try to find a lighter palette. These watery colors are great for creating a light, airy feel in a smaller bathroom.

If a simpler fix, and lower cost option, consider framing your bathroom mirror with colorful mosaic tile. If you keep the walls surrounding it neutral, the color or unique tile texture will pop and draw focus. Don’t like mosaic tile? Look for a unique picture frame in wood or metal or any material that floats your boat, to create a custom frame and an updated look.

Tip 3: Change the Floor

Why not try starting with the ground and working your way up? Chances are, if you’re in the midst of remodeling your bathroom, it came with some not-so-attractive tile flooring. Changing the floor can change the entire room. If your subfloor is in good condition, you can easily install a floating floor. If you’re looking to start new with tile, make sure you create a solid substrate in order to keep your tile stable and looking good for years to come.

Chevron is an incredibly popular pattern this season. It’s playful without being too busy, and it creates design interest. If your walls are painted a brighter color go with a neutral chevron like grey or a light, pale yellow to simply accent the bathroom. Adding a contrasting color rug, like the purple shown above, is another simple way to add an extra pop of color.

Always remember that, while doing DIY bathroom renovations can be fun, it can also be very challenging. If you’re trying to tackle a tile job, install a new floor, or any plumbing work which may be beyond your comfort zone, consider calling a professional for help. Websites like HomeAdvisor help you find trusted professionals in your area who can help add some pizazz and an updated look to your bathrooms this summer.

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Designer Series - Small Bathroom Ideas

Small bathrooms can be a challenge, but these tips can help you create a space that has style and functionality. First and foremost, you want to choose a vanity that works for the space. Click here to shop a selection of small vanities that offer great storage with a small footprint.  

Horizontal stripes will give the impression that the room is larger, and create interest
Corner vanities will maximize floor space, so you don’t feel cramped.
Wallpaper will add dimension to your small bathroom. It provides a lot of style, with low-commitment.
Creating a built-in between studs inside the wall can free up valuable space for hair products, cleaning supplies.

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Inexpensive Tips for Updating Your Powder Room

What are Some Powder Room Decorating Ideas?

A well designed powder room will reflect your personal style and make guests feel welcome. Because of their size, changing a few small things can improve the entire space. This means you don’t have to spend a lot to achieve great results. The pieces with the most impact on the design are: the mirror, wall finish (paint, wallpaper or tile) and vanity/sink. If you have a small budget and just want to refresh the space, swapping out accessories is great way to do that. Here are some affordable ideas for making your powder room unique.

Powder Room Vanity Cabinets: The vanity is usually where the eye will be drawn in a powder room, so money spent here will go a long way in establishing the style and atmosphere. You can choose to go contemporary: straight lines and minimal details, or traditional: intricate carvings and curvy lines. You could also pick a statement vanity and use it as inspiration for other elements of the design.

Vessel Sinks: A cool vessel sink can be unforgettable. Stone vessel sinks are literally one of a kind, whereas glass vessel sinks have less visual weight, so they help give the appearance of a larger space.

Paint: Don’t be afraid to try bold colors. Small square footage means less room to mess up, so try colors you’ve avoided in the past.

Backsplash: A mosaic or glass tile backsplash can add a pop of color or provide a neutral base for ever-changing decorations. Think about how often you like to switch things up in a room. If it is frequent, stay neutral so you’re not tied down when picking new accessories. Go for a colorful tile if you tend to stick to one theme or color family in the powder room. To add character, take the backsplash all the way up.

Mirrors: For more impact with less commitment, try a decorative mirror. Colored frames or unusual shapes will set your powder room apart. Plus, they are even easier to swap than paint color!

Click here for an exclusive interview with designer Bea Pila!

Powder Room - Design Ideas

Natural Petrified Wood Stone Sink

Natural Petrified Wood Stone Sink


The Open Shelving Bathroom Vanity: A Trend Watch

Picking a vanity for a bathroom redesign is the most important decision in the process. Deciding on the right vanity is important because the vanity is the focal point of a bathroom. It is the center piece of the design, and all other aspects of the space are tailored to it. When choosing the right vanity, it’s important to pick something that you will be comfortable with not only today, but in the future as well.

Before choosing what kind of vanity you want, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you need to make sure you know what size vanity you need. Measuring the space really helps here! Second, understand who will be using the vanity the majority of the time. If it’s a shared master bath, you may want to opt for one with more storage. Third, determine what kind of style you’d like to go with. You can then start to pick your vanity, and once that is completed, choose the décor to fit around the centerpiece.

When deciding on your vanity, it’s important to look into all the trends and pick a trend that you think you will be satisfied with today and five years from now. Currently, there’s a new trend that is sweeping through the bathroom design community. This trend is using a open shelving bathroom vanity. These vanities offer you quite a bit of storage, but also allow people to see what you’re storing as the shelves are in the open. You can stack towels, toilet paper or even other décor like candles, art, or small flowers. This style of vanity can be used when designing a traditional or modern bathroom, as it can be a fit in either due to its open look combined with normal vanity qualities.

Open shelving vanities can be a hit in the bathroom especially if you plan to display quite a bit of décor. The extra storage space for this décor allows for many options when designing around the vanity and also allows you the versatility to consider many different styles for your design!

Here are a few more open shelving inspiration ideas 

72 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in Ash Gray with Radiant Gold Pulls

72 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in Ash Gray with Top Choice


Designer Tips: Fun Ideas for Kids Bathroom Remodel

Kid’s bathrooms provide an opportunity to try new design ideas and furniture. Use these photos as inspiration while creating a unique and functional spot for your child to start and end the day.

Children don’t mind bold paint colors (they usually prefer them!)

Patterns or wall decals can help add interest also. The sconces help add a dramatic flare to this stenciling job.

Step stools for the sink can be personalized and fun, while the sink and countertop can stay simple for easy style conversion when the kids get older. Consider giving the children a chance to paint their own stools or add stickers to an existing one.

A low-commitment way to make a bathroom kid friendly is to change the mats and shower curtain.

Fun storage solutions are available for kids’ bathrooms, too. Uniquely shaped shelving can provide a fun focal point while remaining practical.

Chalkboard paint gives the kids freedom to create, and in a water-tolerable environment such as the bathroom, starting with a clean slate will be easier than ever.

For the brave re-modelers, colorful vanity tops and mirrors are a good base for kid-approved designs. The surrounding accessories and linens can be switched later to reflect an older style preference.



Masculine Bathroom Inspiration

A masculine bedroom can be accomplished; however, it will take time, effort, shopping and a desire to create a bathroom that has masculine features and qualities. Before redoing any bathroom, it is important to think about the colors and décor in the bathroom that will make you feel happy about the bathroom project.

Bold colors of black or gold will give the bathroom a look of masculinity. Some men like stripes that are bold in color. Or a blue color with shades of grey might be acceptable to another. These colors will need to blend in well with your bathroom accessories. In other words, if you focus on black, gray or blue, you will need accessories that go with it. For instance, bathroom towels, shower curtains and other areas in the bathroom should coordinate with your wall covers.

If you want a more outdoor look, give a rustic color to your walls and furnishings. Pine cabinets and accessories to go with it, give a definite masculine look. For a more masculine look to shower curtains, choose a dark or neutral color and make the fabric heavy and cotton. This kind of look adds strength and masculinity to a bathroom.

Then, choose rugs that have a darker color such as a rust color, brown, gray or purple. Bathroom accessories that look masculine are those made of wood or accessories that have wildlife pictures on them.

When looking for masculine bathroom ideas, check out home stores that specialize in this area. In addition, photographs that have a bold and male look to them also would make the bathroom look more male and masculine.

To keep your bathroom looking masculine, put away your extra toilet paper. Having extra toilet paper available and seen, looks too fussy and feminine. A better idea is to find a chrome or dark container and then put two rolls of toilet paper on it and then set it next to the toilet. Put the rest in a closet or under the sink.


How To Create A Masculine Looking Bathroom

Bold stripes and colors, a dominant black design element, linear, minimalistic contemporary décor and leather finish are images that come to mind when designing a masculine bathroom.

Floor: Concrete floor with an aged leather look. Concrete floors are long lasting, pretty much maintenance free, moisture resistant, stain resistant and allergen resistant. All in all, exactly what a bachelor pad needs.

Wall: Paint 5 inch black and white stripes on the wall behind and front of the vanity. Paint the other free wall black and make your shower stall area white. Or add texture to the walls with faux painting techniques. Choose a color that complements the aged leather floor. Display photographs of cityscapes or some scenic setting.

Vanity: Sleek, functional and modern. Use a deep set basin that accommodates larger hands.

Vanity Mirror: Something simple and in straight lines: rectangular or square. Go with a frameless mirror or a mirror with minimal chrome framing for a timeless and unique look.

Tub: Install a Jacuzzi or get a free standing metal tub and install a state of the art flat screen television to create a masculine retreat.

Shower: Go for frameless shower enclosures. Not only is it a breeze to clean, it gives you bathroom an open feel. Tile the shower area with alternating gray and white tiles. Another masculine choice would be smooth charcoal tiles or black and white mosaic tiles. If you are using shower curtains, go for a monochrome neutral or dark color. Shower curtains made of heavier materials such as canvas are a better choice for a masculine décor.

Window treatment: Frilly window treatments are a no-no in a masculine bathroom. Go for roman shades or blinds. Another option is frosted glass or argon-charged one-sided glass.

Accessories: Chrome or brushed nickel finish is the go to choice for faucets, towel bar, toilet paper holder, handles and knobs. Install a waterfall shower head. Combine it with a rectangular minimal chrome faucet.  Stack extra-large fluffy towels. Heated towel racks add a thoughtful touch. Pick out a toothbrush holder, soap dish and trash can in masculine themes that include fishing, golfing, light houses etc.

Finally, pamper him with a small mini-bar fridge next to your tub and a video game console with all the latest games.

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Statement Wall or Focal Point Inspiration

Sometimes all you need to freshen up the look of your bathroom is to change the wall color.  Believe it or not, even wallpaper is making its comeback.  Maybe you only have one wall you want to work with, perfect for a statement wall.  We've put together some inspiration pieces for you, take a look.

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Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

With the endless flooring options available in the market, deciding on the right floor for your bathroom can be a challenging task. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:


Concrete: Concrete flooring has come a long way from the standard sidewalk look. Concrete slabs can be acid stained to create a marble, wood, stone or aged leather look.  Different stains bring out different earthly hues of reds, browns and greens. Except for an occasional re-sealing, Concrete floors are very cost effective, long lasting and virtually maintenance free. They are also moisture, allergen and stain resistant.

Ceramic: Ceramic Tiles come is numerous colors, design and texture. They are a very durable and inexpensive tiling option. If you are looking for consistent color, this is the floor for you.  Disadvantages include possible breaking or chipping of tiles and mold/mildew staining of the tile grout lines if left unsealed.

Stone: Marble, Granite, limestone, travertine or slate, stone floors are available in a huge range of colors and textures. It lasts almost forever, is easy to clean and is maintenance free. They are the most expensive option available, require sealing and can be cold underfoot.

Wood/Laminate: Do you like the rich elegance of wood flooring? Laminate flooring manufactured especially for the bathroom or engineered wood will give you the wood floor look without the moisture damage. They are also the least expensive option in the market.


Anti-skid tiles are a must in showers if you want to avoid skating in your shower when wet. Go for unglazed textured tiles or tiles with matte finish as they provide good traction. Go with Engineered wood for skid-resistant floor outside the shower. Take care to minimize water on this type of floor by getting an especially absorbent bath rug.


Here are a few décor tips to help you pick the right color and pattern:

For décor harmony, pick a tile color that either complements the wall color or color of the fixtures in the bathroom. Use a color-palette to figure out which shades and contrasts go well with each other.

A soft neutral tile gives an expansive feel to the bathroom and it also acts as a backdrop to let other design elements pop out and take center stage.

For a themed décor, buy tiles that give a realistic feel to your theme. For example, a Pebbled shower floor is perfect detail to add for an outdoorsy theme.

If you are leaning towards a neutral look for your walls and fixtures, get a tile that pops out. Something like aged leather concrete floor would go very well with white fixtures and cream walls. This is a great look for a bachelor pad.

For an ornate look, install patterned tiles or add an intricately patterned border around your bathroom floor.

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Photo by Dewhurst & Associates