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The vanity is often the focal point of a bathroom. It has many functions and gets much use. This is especially true for a double sink vanity in a master bathroom. Unique Vanities offers a great selection no matter what your style. When deciding to replace an existing double sink vanity or when doing a complete remodel of the master bathroom, there are several factors that need to be considered. Choosing the right vanity that best fits the style of the home while providing the greatest functionality can be overwhelming. Read More

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How to Buy a Large Double Sink Vanity?

Before investing the time to choose and putting out the purchase price, it is a good idea to shop throughout the site to see what is available. Having an idea of what size is needed is important. Envisioning the style also helps narrow down the choices. Knowing how the vanity will be used is also vital. If it is a space used by two or more people it is good to know how much storage will be needed. Double sink vanities offer a great deal of storage space so each user will have their own personal cabinet space and drawers. The vanities on this specific page all have ample room for storage of personal bath and beauty products as well as towels and wash cloths. Counter top space will not be an issue with these models. Some of the designs include multi level counters which add versatility as well as a unique design.

How to Measure a Bathroom Vanity?

A good way to start is to measure the existing vanity. It may be possible to change the size, but if going for a large piece be sure there will enough clearance for installation and for the flow of movement in the room. Height, width and depth are all factors to carefully and accurately measure. Within the description of each piece available there are detailed dimensions so it is simple to determine if the piece is the correct size.

How to Order

Selecting just the right piece at this site is very easy. Many models come with a variety of choices available, whether in finish color or counter top material. Customizing the piece is easy with the drop down menus on the individual item page. Options to choose from include finish color, counter top material and faucets. The entire ordering process can be done online. If there are any questions or concerns, call us or send a message and a Sales Specialist will be able to help you. Free shipping is available to the 48 states.


Each of the vanities available here has a pre-cut opening to allow access for the water lines and drain pipes. If installing a double sink vanity where there has only been a single one it may require a professional plumber to add the needed lines and drains if possible. An experienced home owner can do the installation themselves if it is a standard replacement. Many of the options available on this page come with a choice of faucets. These too can be done by the homeowner or a hired professional.

Material and Maintenance

High quality materials go into the making of each piece available here. The real wood can be finished with a variety of tones to best suit the décor and style of the room. MDF is another popular choice for bathroom vanities as it is highly durable and can be covered with a veneer that can also be made in a range of color tones. With careful cleaning and maintenance with common household cleaners these vanities will look great for many years of use. Using furniture polish or lemon oil on the wood is a good way to keep it looking its best and to protect it in the damp bathroom environment. Marble counter tops can be specially sealed to protect them from the personal products being used around them.

Silkroad Exclusive
Silkroad Exclusive is a leader in the bathroom furniture supply field because of their commitment to quality workmanship and high end design. The bathroom vanities offered by them come in a wide range of sizes because they want to provide the customer with the best fit for the space they are creating. The traditional design pieces will add a wonderful touch to the decor as well as bringing great functionality. They offer a large selection of double vanities, including their popular modular vanities which can be combined to create vanities for even the largest rooms.

Design Element
Design Element is a California company that is in tune with what clients are looking for when adding style and functionality to the bathroom. The vanities offered by Design Element are designed with a streamlined modern look which will look great with many different designs. They have a large selection of vanities with double sinks.

James Martin Furniture
James Martin Furniture was founded to provide quality bathroom furnishings for those who appreciate fine things. There is a large range of styles within their collection so each client will be sure to find just the right piece to complement their taste and bathroom decor. They offer a unique selection in the double vanity category.

White Finish Vanities
Installing a sink vanity with a white finish can add a clean look to any bathroom. There are many different styles available, from modern to traditional. Unique Vanities offers more than 70 double vanities in white and antique white finish.

Remodeling Large Bathrooms
When designing or remodeling a bathroom, there are many important factors to consider. The sink vanity is the focal point of the room, as well as the piece that gets the most use, so selecting just the right one is a major consideration. The size of the room is the best way to determine which vanity to purchase. Taking care with precise measurements is the best way to ensure the perfect fit. No one wants to get set up for the installation and find out that the vanity is not the correct size. This article offers some tips on how to select vanities for larger spaces.