36 to 40 Inch Wide Bathroom Vanity Cabinets with Sink

No matter what style of bathroom vanity you are shopping for, it is important that you make an appropriate selection for your bathroom. Even if you know you want an antique vanity with sink, there are still finish, size and storage variables to consider. After all that, you need to think about plumbing and other technical details as well. Failure to make the right choice when it comes to vanities could impact more than the style of your room. A poorly fitted vanity could cause functionality problems or make it difficult to maneuver in your bathroom. Read More

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The vanity is often the focal point in the bathroom, where it gets a lot of attention and use. Finding just the perfect one for a replacement or during a complete remodel of the space is enjoyable and easy from this site. There is a wide range of choices in this size, and many styles to consider. A modern style with sleek lines will enhance a contemporary decor, while a piece with a more ornate design will complete a traditional or antique styled bathroom.


You probably want to get the largest vanity possible so you can increase the functionality and storage within your space. However, you do need to make sure the vanity will fit in your space without impacting other elements in your room. First, you should measure the available wall space to find out how wide you want the vanity to be. This includes making an allowance for doors that swing in toward the vanity and other functional components in the room. Next, measure out from the wall to see how far you want the vanity to stick out. This gives you an idea of what sort of depth you will want in your piece. Finally, you may want to think about the height. Vanities come in several heights and you want to be able to clearly reach the sink and back of the counter space.


After the dimensions of the room have been determined it is easy to see if the size of the piece will fit well within the existing space. Each selection has carefully noted the height, width and depth of each piece. If the matching mirror is included, it is important to take wall measurements for that as well to ensure it will fit where needed. The old carpenter expression "measure twice, cut once" is relevant here. No one wants a piece to be shipped and then discover that it is just one inch off from fitting just right in the space it is intended for.

Style and Finishing

Our single vanities include multiple styles. You can choose from modern or antique styles adorned with decorative elements and carving. Sometimes, a piece is given antique qualities through the finish. In addition to overall style, you will want to consider the integral elements of the vanity. We offer a range of sink and counter top choices in marble, granite, travertine, glass, ceramic and even metal. We also offer numerous fixtures and hardware, so you can choose the perfect vanity for your decor and bathroom space.

Materials and Maintenance

The pieces included within this collection are all made of high quality materials. There is a range of types, from natural wood to laminate covered MDF. Keeping the wood clean is easy with lemon oil or furniture polish. This also helps protect it within the often damp environment of a bathroom. The counter tops, made with natural materials such as granite, travertine or marble can be maintained with special cleaners. Marble can be sealed annually to protect it from personal care products. This careful maintenance will ensure the piece looks its best for many years of use. The mirrors which are a matching addition to many of the choices available here are best attached to a wall stud for the best security.

Storage Options

Even with a lovely furniture piece, you probably want a bit of functional storage space. Our single sink vanities come with choices like cabinets, drawers and shelves. In order to estimate what storage options are right for your area, you need to consider how you will use the vanity. Will you store towels and wash clothes in it, or do you have a separate linen cabinet? This makes the difference between needs a large cabinet or drawer space for bath towels or preferring multiple smaller drawers for personal items. You should also consider how many people will be using the vanity cabinet on a regular basis, as that might change the number of shelves or drawers you want. Sometimes, offering each family member his or her own drawer keeps the peace in the home. A special feature included within many of the cabinet doors and drawers is soft close hinges.


Once you have narrowed the selection down to one or two items, then you need to complete a final plumbing check. Double check that specifications for the cabinet match specifications for any other elements you purchase, like sink and faucet. Many of the selections offered on this page include a faucet, sometimes in a range of styles. You should also ensure that all elements will work with your existing plumbing. Installation can be done by an experienced and confidant home owner or by hiring a professional plumber. The bases come with precut openings in the back to easily accommodate the water lines and drain pipes.

Ordering Options

Finish choices are easy to make with the drop down menu on each pieces page. Choosing the counter top material is very easy. Many of the selections include matching mirrors that also bring added functionality to the bathroom. It is important to check the measurements of the mirror with the wall space available for these items. The order can be made entirely online, or a message with any questions or concerns can be sent to a customer service representative.

We offer Free Shipping on all bathroom cabinets to the 48 contiguous United States. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed!