61 to 72 Inch Wide Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

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Do I Have Enough Space for a Double Sink Bathroom Vanity?

Rarely is a single bathroom vanity more than 60 inches wide. In fact, in our guide to choosing one for a size of 41 to 48 inches in width, we noted that singles sink vanities are the most common and vary from 18 inches to 42 inches wide, while double vanities are at least 48 wide. So, if you are looking at bathroom vanities in the 61 inch to 72 inch wide range, it is likely that you are considering a double sink bathroom vanity.

As we have always recommended, when selecting them in this range, you need to weigh a few important factors, including:

1. Available Space

2. Number of Sinks

3. Style

4. Materials

5. Your Budget

Any bathroom remodel or redesign has to begin with an accurate floor plan and a clear idea of the amount of space available. For a double vanity, you must have from 60 to 72 inches in total width, and there should be 36 inches from the centerline to the wall, making 76 inches the ideal minimum measurement or available space. There should also be 30inches of clearance in front of the vanity.

These measurements are standard guidelines, however, and you may find you have a bit of breathing room depending on how the vanity is mounted in place. For example, it could be a wall mounted or floating vanity, but it might be freestanding too.

This has more to do with the style, but it is something to consider if you are looking at maximizing the use of the available space.

A vanity that is more than 48 inches wide is going to easily accommodate two sinks. However, before you do choose double sinks, ask yourself some important questions:

Who is using it? If this vanity has a single user, why not give yourself a lot of counter space alongside a large single sink vanity? If it is two people, then two generously sized sinks and larger vanity areas will be ideal.

Where is the plumbing? Make sure existing plumbing can work with the vanity selected. It will add costs to your budget to relocate basic plumbing.

Are there any obstacles for a vanity of this width? The dimensions of 61 to 72 inches are larger than an average vanity, so make sure it fits into the available space and that it does not impede the door or shower, that it allows good flow of traffic, and so on. Does it have that 30 inches of clearance?

Will it offer storage? A bigger vanity should mean more storage, so be sure it has the right number of drawers, doors or shelves to accommodate your storage needs.

Does it suit your style? There are so many bathroom vanities in this size range, and while you might find it has the general look you desire, make sure it matches the fixtures (faucet, lighting and decor).

Lastly, can you get it in materials that work well for your needs? Any bathroom vanity has to be able to endure the years of wear and tear ahead. Our experts advise choosing a bathroom vanity with a long-lasting, waterproof finish made with materials that provide strength and durability, such as MDF, solid wood, and even some plywood.

There is also the need for a countertop. Depending on your budget, our experts recommend granite, marble, and solid surface as the very best choices; laminate, tile and wood are alternatives depending on the bathroom use.

How you choose your bathroom vanity has to begin with the tips above as well as your personal style. When they are in the 61 to 72 inch wide sizes, you are more likely to find double sink vanities and in array of unique designs to integrate into any sort of style or decor.