Unique Bathroom Light Fixtures and Vanity Lighting

The lighting in a bathroom has a major impact on how the space looks and how well it functions. The correct lighting in this room is crucial because this is where people need to get up close and personal with how they look. Poor lighting will make it difficult to see what needs to be seen. Taking the time to explore the many lighting options that are available will ensure that the right choices are made.

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What Types of Lighting Are Important in a Bathroom?
In the main bathroom of a home, the area that needs a directed area of lighting is usually above the corresponding vanity mirror. This is where people in the home are concentrating on details that require better lighting than simply an overhead fixture. There are many different types of lights that fill this need well. A powder room does not need direct lighting but will need a source of illumination. There are several styles of lighting that will fulfill this requirement. Sconce lights will give adequate lighting as well as providing a decorative accessory. It is important to lay out the different places you will need direct or indirect lighting and mapping out your options beforehand. Most bathrooms will require more than one type of lighting.

Where the lights go are probably already established in the room with existing electrical hook ups. Some bathrooms have overhead lights that are the ones linked to the switch that is used when entering the room. Light fixtures that concentrate the light above the vanity mirror are also very common, as this is one area that needs the best light source. In a large bathroom, there can be several different areas where lighting features are used, as well as their own on and off switches. Changing the location of lighting locations is a distinct possibility but can be above the breadth of expertise of some DIY remodelers. In this instance, professional Electricians can be invaluable.

As mentioned before, unless it is a new build, the lighting areas usually have already been established by the previous owners. Hopefully they have chosen wisely in the choice of locations for the lights, as this will make replacing the fixtures much easier. If the spots where the lights are placed seem odd and need to be changed though, draw a rough sketch of the areas that need to be better lit and the types of lighting you would like to see there.

The variety of finishes that are available in bathroom lighting is just as diverse as the colors and textures used in the other furnishings in the room, such as the unique bathroom faucets and accessories. The lighting and the accessories can match or complement each other. Ranging from sleek polished nickel to bronze shades with an antique rub, the options are vast and the homeowner is bound to find just the right one that enhances the look of the space, as well as adding much needed functionality.

No matter what the type of decor that the room holds, finding and selecting just the right lighting will pull the entire room together and give it the finishing touch that makes the space shine. Whether the style of the room is classic or modern, the right light must be available. A sleek design or one that has decorative embellishments, the homeowner is going to know just what they are seeking and they will know it when they find it.

The people on the Unique Vanities team are available to assist the client in finding exactly what they need to complete the look of the bathroom and give the space those finishing touches that the homeowner is wanting. From traditional pieces to the latest trends, everything for the bathroom is available online and just waiting to complete the set up and make the room a big part of the house feeling like a home. Call 866-526-1843 with technical or design questions!