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Traditional and Antique Style Single Sink Vanities on Sale with Free Shipping!

Some of the easiest types of vanities to incorporate into your space are traditional single and double sink vanities. You might first think that traditional means boring, but at UniqueVanities we offer a range of elegant and stylish vanities that model traditional shapes and designs. These vanities make it easy for you to make any bathroom look great and also allow you to easily mix and match other bathroom components. The antique style pieces included on this page feature amazing details that range from very ornate to a more subtle design. Any of the styles are going to have a stunning impact on the look of the room while the faucet, counter top and storage compartments will have a positive change on the use of the room.  However, the only way to ensure a seamless integration of your vanity into the room is to select the right size and ensure you make the right choice with accessories, storage and plumbing elements. To help you pick the perfect piece for your bathroom, we have provided the shopping guide below.

Before you begin shopping, you need to define the size of your space. This will prevent you from ordering a vanity that will not fit, but it will also prevent you from falling in love with a vanity that is just not the right size. To measure for a vanity, start along the wall and measure the length of the free or available space. Leave enough space for other bathroom accessories if necessary. This measurement is the width of your vanity. Next, measure out from the wall to determine how deep the vanity can be without blocking doors or movement in the room. When shopping, only look at cabinets that fit within your measurement requirements. On each item page is listed the product dimensions to best match up with the figures obtained from measuring the space where they will be installed.

Style and Finishing
You may want a traditional or antique style vanity, but you have plenty of other style elements to choose from. Do you want the vanity rounded, or straight edged? Many of our models allow you to choose a vanity counter top, sink and fixtures. When you are choosing the design elements, keep all your choices in mind. The fixtures may go great with the cabinet, but how will they look with the sink or counter top? You may also want to consider matching fixture and hardware, such as handles, in color. The style should reflect your personal tastes while upholding functionality and ease of use. It is also important for the new items to blend it well with the existing décor features in the room and the house. If the house has a modern feel, it may be startling to go into a bathroom with heavy antique features, just as a modern bathroom may be out of place within a home that has warm country or traditional looks in the rest of the home. Shopping the many pieces offered here makes it easy to find just the right one.

Storage Options
Storage is something every buyer should consider carefully. If you purchase a vanity without enough storage, you may suffer from a cluttered bathroom. The wrong type of storage can cause a problem as well. Think about the things you normally store in a bathroom vanity and what other storage options you have available in the room. Use this information to decide on your vanity. For example, if you have no other storage place for towels, you might want to consider a vanity with a large cabinet or shelf space. Small drawers can be a great place to stash personal items or cosmetics, and open shelves provide an area for storage or for decorating. The number of people using the space is another factor when deciding how much and what type of storage is needed. For a family bathroom it can be very nice for each person to have their own individual spot for storing personal items.

The final step in making a vanity purchase is to vet your choice by double-checking all plumbing specifications. Do all pieces match each other, and will they work with your existing plumbing? Gooseneck faucets are perfect for antique style vanities.  You should also consider whether the cabinet will affect use of power outlets or switches. Most of the vanity bases included within this page have a precut hole in the back of the piece to accommodate the connection of the water lines and drain pipe. For a simple replacement job, this can be done by the homeowner themselves. If there is any doubt or the proper tools are not on hand, a professional plumber or handyperson can get the job done correctly.

Other Options
Once the size and style of the vanity have been determined, there are other options to consider among the different selections. For some models there are different counter top materials to choose from. When a faucet is available for the sink there can be a couple finish tones to choose from to best get one that matches the other fixtures in the room. Mirrors are included in the purchase of many of the choices. The sizes are listed to make sure it will fit on the wall over the vanity. This is a nice bonus as the mirror complements the base style perfectly. It also adds great personal viewing space as well as adding a spacious feeling to the room.

How to Order
It can be fun and easy to shop around the Unique Vanity website. The selection is amazing and anyone is sure to find just the right pieces they are looking for. When options for wood or veneer finish is available, or what material for the counter top can be used, these choices are easily made with the use of the drop down menu buttons. The entire ordering process can be done completely from the website. If there are any questions or concerns about the items, a message can be sent to a customer service representative.