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A traditional or antique style double sink vanity can be a lovely addition to your master or family bathroom space. Whether you are purchasing the double vanity for a new bathroom or you are remodeling an existing space, it is essential that you choose a vanity that matches the dimensions and style of the bathroom. Failure to fit the vanity to your space can result in lost functionality and frustration for years. Even if the vanity fits, if the style is not quite right, you may regret the purchase later. To ensure you receive a vanity that will cause no regrets, we offer the shopping tips below.

The first thing you should do with any bathroom vanity purchase is ensure you understand the space. It is essential that the vanity fit properly into the space without causing a problem with the flow of movement. Imagine if you have to walk sideways just to reach the tub or you must perform acrobats to get to the linen closet. These problems would not make for a user-friendly bathroom. To measure for a vanity, you will need both the width and the depth for the available space. You do not necessarily have to purchase a vanity that fills all of the available space, but by taking measurements, you will know how large the vanity can be without sacrificing functionality.

Style and Finishing
Even though you may know you are looking for a traditional vanity, there are still many other style elements to consider. You may need to make a decision about counter tops, hardware or the color of the cabinet. When considering the elements of your vanity, you should think about the future in addition to whether the pieces will match your current decor. Ask yourself if you truly believe you will be happy with the choice three to five years down the road. Think about what you might like to do decor wise in your bathroom in the future and whether the vanity choices you are making today will be versatile enough to make those choices possible.

Storage Options
Storage is a large component of the shopping experience for many people who are looking for a double sink vanity. This is because storage plays an important function in the vanity for many people. If you have ample storage space in your bathroom already, you may be able to disregard the functionality of drawers or cabinets and look for a piece based solely on style and fit. Otherwise, you are probably concerned about getting as much storage as possible in your vanity. You should also consider the type of storage you need. For example, drawers are not the best solution for all items just as cabinets are not always the best choice. Fit the storage options in your vanity to the items you need to put there.

Of course, you need to ensure plumbing and parts will all work together. As part of your vanity purchase, you should ensure that the sinks, fixtures and existing pipes share similar specifications and will integrate well upon installation.