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A modern double sink vanity can make or break your family or master bathroom area. If the vanity does not meet your needs, then it is just a piece of furniture that gets in the way and takes up space. In order to ensure that the vanity you select will provide completely functionality, you need to be aware of things like size and plumbing. In selecting a vanity for your space, you will also want to consider style elements and storage. The tips on vanity selection below are offered to assist you in finding the perfect vanity for your bathroom.

It is important that your vanity fit your space as seamlessly as possible. Vanity dimensions are usually provided in width, depth and height. The width of the vanity is measured from one side to the other and is usually determined by how much available wall space you have. When determining this measurement, you need to keep in mind the use of your room. For example, consider room that needs to be left for doors, toilets and access to things like closets or plumbing. The depth of a vanity determines how far it sticks out from the wall. When measuring for depth, keep in mind that you want to be able to move freely about the space and you may need to open or close drawers or doors in the vanity. Height is how tall the vanity stands. There are a few standard heights, so you should think about what height would be most functional and comfortable for you.

Style and Finishing
Choosing the style and finish of your piece is often the fun part of vanity shopping. Our modern vanities come in a variety of finishes and you can often make style changes by choosing from different counter top, sink and hardware options. Our counter tops come in stone, glass or ceramic and offer a luxurious way to complete any cabinet. In considering style, you should choose pieces that work well together and will integrate well into your decor.

Storage Options
Our line of modern sink vanities offers several storage options. Different drawer, cabinet and shelf configurations deliver different types of functionality. In order to determine which layout is the right one for your space, you need to consider what you will be storing in the vanity. This will be determined by existing storage elements and your personal habits. For example, if you already have a linen closet, you likely do not require a large cabinet space for storing towels. If you regularly use cosmetics, you may want a drawer or small shelf area for storing these items in your vanity. If you have a dressing area, you may not want to store much at all in your vanity, and you could opt for one of our minimal contemporary pieces.

Before purchasing any vanity, you need to ensure that all plumbing elements will work together. Recheck specifications for sinks, fixtures, cabinets and existing pipes to ensure they will integrate seamlessly.